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Steps to Filing an Arizona Lemon Law Claim

Many car owners face problems after buying their vehicles. Instead of spending more money trying to fix your vehicle, you may be pleased to know that you can ask the manufacture for compensation. Although it will be great ones you get compensated by the manufacture, it is crucial to note that there are some steps you need to take when making your claim in court.

If you do not follow the right steps, you may end up not winning the case. The text will guide you on some of the steps you should consider taking. Please consider the tips mentioned below.

Ensure that You are Qualified

The first step you should take when filing your claim is ensuring your car qualifies to be a lemon. Several factors will make your car qualify as a lemon. Many car problems will enable you to make a claim. Common car problem includes engine misfires and transmission slipping. You must check if you encountered the problems while your vehicle was under warranty.

It is crucial to note that manufacturers tend to have different warranties. A warranty may include a given number of years or a specified driving distance. You should also consider the number of times you have repaired the vehicle. It is vital to know that some used vehicles can qualify to be a lemon.

Ensure You Have the Required Documents

man with documentAfter guaranteeing your car qualifies to be a lemon, you should ensure you have the required documents. When having the case in court, you need to be prepared. The documents you have should act as evidence you purchased the car, and it has the problems you stated.

You should consider having documents showing you bought or leased the vehicle. You should also keep the documents from a mechanic. It will pay if you have documents showing the amount of money you have to spend trying to fix the vehicle.

Ensure You are Ready for Negotiations

You must be ready to negotiate with the car manufacture. Most manufacturers will not be willing to pay for the claims you make in court. Some will prefer to settle the matter outside the court as it will save them money, and it will be fast. To ensure you get the best deal, you should make a point of hiring an Arizona lemon law lawyer. A lemon law lawyer has the expertise needed for the negotiation.

For more details on the right steps to take when filing a lemon law claim, you should seek advice from a lawyer who specializes in Arizona lemon law.