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What is a Psychological Expert Report and Why You Need It?

The expert psychological report is a fundamental piece of evidence in a judicial process. Why? Because it is a psychological evaluation of the people involved. Judges and lawyers request it as a tool to determine the mental situation of the accused at the time of the events. In them, the parties have the right to use evidence, that is, justifications of the truth of the facts. Examples of areas where psychological expert reports can be applicable include determining:

  • If a father has adequate parental capacities to have custody of his children.
  • Whether someone has suffered workplace harassment or not.
  • Assessment of a disability.
  • If the defendant is responsible for criminal acts by law.
  • If you suffer psychological consequences or are pretending.

court proceedingA good job in this regard, thorough and impartial, based on the relevant evidence, can be the difference between winning and losing a case. When a court or a lawyer requires advice in this specific field, they go to an expert or court psychologist.

When Is Psychological Expertise Useful?

To answer the question of when some type of judicial psychological report is necessary, let us pose the following questions:

  • If you broke your leg and had a trial, would you take an X-ray?
  • And if you had depression, would you take medical leave?
  • Would you take a breathalyzer test to a trial for a traffic accident?

The answers to these questions are obvious. If the process involves psychological factors, it is the same:

  • If you had a depression due to mobbing, wouldn’t you like to bring a report that certifies it?
  • If you were to lose your child, wouldn’t you like to prove that you are suitable for their custody?
  • Would you feel calmer if you could show that you were not in your right mind after committing a crime?
  • And what if the other party brings its own report?

It is normal tomental assessment report doubt whether psychological expert reports are needed. You have to be aware that it can be the difference between winning or losing the case, by being able or not to prove certain facts.

A psychological report for a trial is a scientific document that makes each doubt become a point in your favor. In this way:

  • You would know that you are right, and you would prove it scientifically through professional forensic psychological expertise.
  • You would drastically reinforce the rigor of your case.
  • You would provide a strong piece of evidence to the court.

You can request this report individually or by following the due judicial process.